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*May 1, 2017*


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Riding the Rails



The RoundHouse


Tracks Crossed

   Letter from the Editor

The Waybill is for you the members and our friends to enjoy. If there is something you would like to see in the Waybill then please contact us by email at or by mail.

We are always looking for stories to include, as we have many members who are no longer able to go on any trips and they get great enjoyment out of reading about them.

So if you have ever wanted to be a Newspaper reporter now is your chance…

Group Sales Policy: 10 or more tickets purchased in ADVANCE by the SAME PERSON will be entitled to a 10% DISCOUNT subject to availability.

BLOCK SPACE may be arranged on any non-restricted event with Ticket Coordinator or Tour Director (when assigned) at least 50 days prior to departure. For further information, please contact the Mystic Valley Railway Society, 617-361-4445 or e-mail at


 From the President

by Theresa E. Rylko

As we once again head into the winter season it is time to remember the Annual Meeting on Saturday May 6th
at the Mt Vernon Restaurant in Somerville. This will be your time to tell us of any concerns or ideas for the New Year.
Please share your stories of adventures with the MVRS, and bring the memories alive for your fellow members.
Come support your team in their efforts to give you interesting trips and events.

As you travel along you might see an area which others would enjoy. If you frequent a favorite restaurant and think
it might handle a busload of hungry travelers then let us know. We are always looking out for new places to
dine. Feel free to send some literature to the Trip Team to review for future visits. If we have a trip to your area, feel
free to meet up with us and say “hi”.

It is always a pleasure to see a friendly face.


From the Vice President

by Jeff Costello 


Here we are - starting another year.

MVRS is looking forward to more opportunities to provide interesting, educational and fun excursions for all
our members. The trip team is working diligently to research and plan the trips that will appeal to you, and
the members are encouraged to share suggestions. I started off the New Year at the Amherst Railroad Hobby Show.

This is the place to be if you like trains or have children who could enjoy trains. I worked with two exceptional
volunteers, Mary Verner (past director) and Marcia Pennington (my wife, and also a MVRS director) to advertise and
promote MVRS to train lovers. We had an enjoyable event and hope to return next year. Members can volunteer for
this event and help publicize MVRS.

Another event to spread word of MVRS is the W. Russell Rylko Memorial Grant. The committee is accepting
applications for this grant which is awarded to help train-associated organizations with their work. We strive
to present to our members the best we can, but we still need and appreciate input from all of our members. Join us, learn and enjoy!.


From the Membership Chairperson

by Ellie Manning


It’s time to renew your membership. On the front of the Waybill – on the address label – to the right of your name there is a code. To receive your 2018 New England RR Calendar, the code next to your name must read either LIFE or M18.

LIFE – means that you are a member for your natural life.

M17 – means that you were a member for the year to April 1, 2016 – March 31, 2017. It is time to renew.

MAIL – means that you have not paid your current membership dues and will be taken off the rolls unless you join again.

The Membership Year runs from April 1st to March 31st. Anyone who joins after January 1st will automatically be assigned to the coming membership year. If you join or renew in the month of December, it will depend on the supply of calendars whether you will receive the current edition of the calendar. The calendars are mailed by the volunteers of the Society and take approximately 4-6 weeks to go through the postal system as bulk rate mail. If you move, please notify us of your address change. Otherwise you will have to purchase the calendar using our boutique form (see page 4). The United States Post Service does not forward bulk rate mail.

The membership fees for the year April 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018 are Regular Membership $10, Family Membership $4 per additional person, and Life Membership $125. We look forward to your continued support


What Makes You Tick?

Roma Hertel – Waybill Editor

What made you decide that joining the Mystic Valley Railway Society was a good idea?
Different people have different motivations and enthusiasms, but the Waybill brings them together.

Often the starting point is fond recollection of a train set or layout. It could be memories of journeying by train to
see a special place, or to visit family or friends. Maybe you are a history buff, interested in how the growing railroad
network helped shape this country and its communication channels, then had to adapt in the era of the internal
combustion engine. Do you have inner yearnings for mechanical engineering, and are constantly intrigued how
individual parts can combine to make a whole? Perhaps train photography is your passion. Did an intriguing find at
a train show hook you in, so now you are unable to resist browsing the tables, searching for the next elusive item for
your collection? It’s always a pleasure to meet people immersed in a shared interest. Perhaps you enjoy traveling
and sightseeing in New England, and MVRS trips take you to places outside your normal sphere. Maybe the Waybill
columns provide a window into the world as you sit at home and dream of future plans.

The likelihood is that it’s a combination of these aspects, along with some I haven’t even thought of. Whatever
motivates you, the Waybill could be an outlet for your enthusiasm. Write notes about a trip you have taken.
Share a report of a train show you attended. Describe your model layout. The chances are, if it fired your imagination,
it may spark another reader to contribute to the Waybill, and carry on the infectious chain of enthusiasm.
Make the Waybill your vehicle, and use it to carve out a niche for enjoying your interest within the multifaceted hobby
of trains and railroads.

Click here for form...

Click here for form...


On page 4 of the last issue of the Waybill, the column Tracks We Have Crossed was inadvertently
attributed to the wrong author. It was actually Gerard Sevigny who wrote Lucky in Right Time in The Towers of Narragansett.
Look out for another of Gerard’s reports in this issue, and read his description of last fall’s trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire.


April 1, 2016 – March 31, 2017


President - Theresa E. Rylko (Tracey)
Vice President - Jeffrey Costello (Jeff)
Treasurer - Judy Berson-Hoyt
Recording Secretary - Nancy Roney
Lillian Garvey
Eleanor Manning
William Manning
Nancy Martin
Joseph McDonough
Marcia Pennington

Positions They Fill:
Roma Hertel - Button Maker
Dr. Dirk Hertel - Photography/Calendar
Billy Manning - Mailing Chairperson
Ellie Manning - Membership Chairperson
Sally Avjian & Ellie Manning-
Trip Team (Planning Trips and Social Event Co-Chairs)

Roma Hertel – Waybill Editor
Dan Ouellette - Web Master/Computer
Joe McDonough & Jeff Costello – Trade Show Coordinators
Jeff Costello – Communications Radios/Defibrillators
Marcia Pennington & Jeff Costello – Boutique
Mary & Jay Verner – Waybill Mailing Coordinators
Albert W. Avjian - Treasurer, Emeritus
Sally M. Avjian - Recording Secretary, Emeritus


You will see many of these volunteers as tour leaders on your trips.

It takes a team effort to have a successful volunteer organization. Please share your talents as a volunteer with MVRS and be

rewarded by seeing your work in action.  Call 617-361-4445 and a volunteer form will be sent to you.



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