From the President     Theresa E. Rylko

As the weeks go by, I am slowly getting caught up on the piles of memberships that are still coming in. Thank you for being patient.

Thank you all for helping keep the MVRS on track by spreading the word. Please consider helping out on the various committees. Trip Team needs your help to keep the trips rolling. The Waybill needs to have your input to get the word out.

If you have any comments for Membero- Gram (maybe a favorite picture of yourself enjoying one of the trips or a couple of sentences about a favorite trip) please send them in. Keep in touch with fellow travelers. We never publish telephone numbers or addresses in this column.

If there are any suggestions of how we might improve your enjoyment of the Waybill please let us know. This is your publication.

If you want to receive a small stack of Waybills to pass out in your favorite spots, please let me know and I will mail them out to you. As you travel along you might see an area which others might enjoy. Feel free to send some literature to the Trip Team to review for future travels.


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