Tracks We Have Crossed

by Gerard Sevigny

A Restaurant Island, Cabbage Island ME

On Saturday July 27th, 2013 I took another bus tour. This time, it was to go to a clambake on Cabbage Island in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Our bus departed at eight o’clock. We stopped for breakfast at a restaurant in Kennebunk, Maine.

We arrived in Boothbay Harbor which is a very beautiful place. I saw many sail boats and other boats in the harbor. This was my first time visiting here.

We boarded a boat, the Bennie Alice, to take us for a tour of the harbor and then on to Cabbage Island. Many lighthouses were pointed out on the tour. I wanted to take pictures, but I had left my camera behind. I met another person on the boat named Claire, who offered to take some photos and email them to me. She had visited here two times before. She was friendly and a very nice person and also quite helpful. We had some refreshments on the boat. Our bus driver came on the trip also and brought his camera to take pictures. He said that he has visited here three times before.

I was a little nervous on the boat because it was a bit windy and the waves seemed high, which made the boat a little rocky.
We arrived on the five-and-a-half-acre island south of Wall Point in Linekin Bay. We walked through a path in the woods and then came to an area that had four small buildings that was the restaurant. I spent quite a bit of time walking around the island. There were lots of picnic tables in the wooded areas.

The clambake with lobster is the big attraction on the island tour. Everything is cooked in seaweed, steamed from top-tobottom, covered with tarpaulins and rocks. The meal includes a steaming cup of traditional New England fish chowder, two bright lobsters, steamed clams wrapped in foil, and corn on the cob, onion, potatoes and a hard-boiled egg. I do not like lobster so chose chicken.

For dessert they served warm Maine blueberry cake. I ate it fast to enjoy it while it was still warm.

An elderly lady walked around the picnic tables. She introduced herself as Bennie Alice. Bennie Moore (mother to Wayne, Bob, Betty and Ginny) manages the gift shop and greets guests daily. She lives in a cottage on the island. She told me she would be 93 in October. She was friendly and looked very healthy. Spouses, siblings, children, nieces and nephews all contribute to the family-run business. I stopped into the gift shop and bought some postcards.
The boat took us back to Boothbay Harbor. We walked around downtown for a while and had a chance to visit many of the shops. We got back on the bus to head home at 5:00pm. We arrived at Wellington station at almost 9:00pm.

I enjoyed the trip very much. The weather was perfect. It was sunny and cool outside. Many people had wanted to spend the weekend there, but we couldn’t because it was a planned tour. Several days later I received the pictures in an email from Claire. I enjoyed looking through them all. It was a great trip and I hope to visit again.? 


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